Library Resource Coordinator, Alison Üstün, shares her school’s experiences of using Accelerated Reader:

Our school has been using Accelerated Reader since 2012. As the years have gone by, staff have become more comfortable and familiar with Accelerated Reader and Star Reading and are able to more effectively monitor pupils, using reports in their planning and in guiding and working with pupils to help them set their own targets and find a book they will enjoy reading. Pupils subsequently give their reading more importance and actually read the books they borrow.

Our stats speak for themselves:

If pupils get 100% in a book quiz they write their name on a sticker and put it up on our AR Star board. And best of all, they get a chocolate! At the end of each term, AR league tables are created for each year group. Classes are awarded points for the number of quizzes they have passed, the points they have earned, their word count and their participation. There is a lot of competition between classes to be the end-of-year reading champions!

Pupils also battle it out to be on the Top Quizzers and the Top Word Count lists. Last year we had a total of 26 word millionaires, which was a wonderful achievement. Our top quizzers are rewarded with a cinema trip – attending an Into Film screening in November and a screening at a local cinema in June. They’re very popular trips.

Harlaw Academy is a state secondary school with a roll of approx. 890 pupils. Our school intake includes pupils from across the city from a wide variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds, including many EAL pupils. Many of our pupils have targeted support.

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