I like reading most on holidays, when you can immerse yourself in a book all day without being interrupted by annoying things like school or parents.

Reading is escapism and entertainment for me. I like to be transported, to laugh and cry and care about the characters. then at the end of the book, feel I have experienced and learnt something useful.

I loved Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. Sorry to report I don’t like sharing my books…you don’t always get them back! And if you do they might have bits of marmalade stuck between the pages. Ugh.

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Photo of Julian Clary

When Julian Clary isn’t having a silly time dressing up and telling jokes on stage, he loves to be at home with his pets. He has lots of them: dogs, cats, ducks and chickens. His life-long love of animals inspired him to tell a story about what would happen if they pretended to be like us. Julian loves going on tour around the country reading his books aloud to children and animals.