This summary of the What Kids Are Reading report considers the books read and quizzes taken by British primary and secondary age children between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016 in 3,897 schools.

Recommendations for the future seem clear. Pupils should be encouraged to: pass all quizzes; sustain a higher level of challenge in their reading, especially on transfer to secondary school; and sustain Average Percent Correct at or above the 85% level on every book. Teachers should be aware of the very different pupil preferences for reading over time and the marked differences in preferences in secondary between boys and girls (although not necessarily encouraging them!). Even high-achieving readers need encouragement to sustain high challenge in their reading, especially in the later years. Boys might profess more interest in non-fiction but need encouragement to read it carefully. Books popular with children should guide school purchasing decisions in the future, but even on these books difficulty eventually declines.